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Your pillow is really clean? 3D washable pillow give you health and clean sleep

Do you know how many bacteria have in your pillow?

People often wash pillowcases on a regular basis, but rarely the habit of cleaning the pillow. Because a lot of people think that pillowcase enough to protect the pillow, as long as cleaning pillowcases on time will maintain the pillow’s clean sanitation. In fact it not, when we sleep, inadvertently outflow of saliva or sweat secretion and so on, all of it will penetrate into the pillow inside. Caused breeding bacteria, initiation allergy and illness. So we usually clean the pillow every 2 to 3 months.

But usually many of our pillows are inconvenient to wash, Like chemical fiber, villus, buckwheat, memory foam pillows. To keep this pillows cleaning what we can do is wash the pillow case and put the pillow in the sun. With the development of technology and human pursuit the quality of life improved. Beginning have the washable pillow, now more popular washable pillows is latex pillow and 3D pillow. Latex pillow cleaning must be hand washing, at the same time is not easy to dry. But 3D pillow can washing by hand or machine, and it reticulated structure and material quality make it very easy to dry. Generally, 3D pillow cleaning method is rinse directly under water or put in washing machine, then put some washing liquid. After washing , throw out the inside water, finally conduct to air-dry.

3D pillow can free water will never deformation, it have three advantage, like extreme breath-ability, honeycomb support and anti-bacterial anti-mite. 3D pillow all materials are using 3D breathable fabric, high permeability material, then use of warp knitted woven weaving into honeycomb fabric, double mesh and convenient for cleaning. Internal honeycomb support, strong support to build a small room make it fresh air and the water flows for one second. At the same time, super soft mesh structure, high elastic, high support force can reduce the pressure of  cervical vertebra, adjusting neck, release pressure and promote the sleep quality.

Pillow does not maintain, can't have a healthy sleep. Pillow’s health and neck care function is important, but sanitation is also important. Put the pillow in the sun can only kill some bacteria but cannot eradicate, so washable is an essential function.

washable 3D pillow