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Warp knitted mesh fabric knowledge (Warp, Weft, Raw material)

Warp knitted mesh fabric knowledge (Regarding Warp, Weft, Raw material)


Classification of Knitting

Knitting normally includes two types: warp and weft. Warp knitted fabric can be broken up via direction of longitudinal weave; Weft knitting can be horizontally broken up.


According to application, warp knitted fabric can be divided into clothing category, packaging, shoes, sportswear, office stationery and so on. 

Weft according to the organizational structure and processing can be divided into: jersey, mesh, rib, cotton, flannel.

Description of raw materials

  1. Raw material classification

Warp knitted mesh can use a lot of raw materials, mainly use polyester, nylon. Polyester filament can be divided into FDY, DTY, MSY, etc., FDY is fully drawn yarn, includes filament and filament (semi-dull yarn), DTY is draw texturing yarn with low stretch, NSY is low stretch and interlaced yarn.


2. Description of raw material

   (1) Specification of Polyester filament is Denier and Filament, commonly writen as XXD / XXF

   (2) Denier concept: the weight of 9000 meters yarns. Such as 75D refers to the weight of 9000 meters yarn lengthis 75g. The larger Denier is, the heavier weight of the yarn 9000 meters, the thicker of yarn.
   (3) Filament concept: refers to the number of yarn within a single fiber. Such as 36F means that the yarn is made of 36 yarn, that is, the yarn consists of 36 strands. The higher F of single fibers, the better the fluffing effect. In general, the brushed fabric use 36F raw materials. As to same Denier filament, the more F the cost is higher.


3. Raw materials application in various fabrics

   (1) the lower D of raw material, the higher cost.
   (2) different products will use different raw materials, according to its process, parameters, machine, structure.
   (3) dyeing and finishing process can adjust the product weight, width, mesh size.
   (4) commonly warp knitted mesh fabric uses raw materials 50D, 68D, 75D, 100D, 150D, 300D.